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Carizma Tinted Matte Lip Balm | Swatches & Honest Review

Are you curious about this lip balm which is making its rounds on the internet?
This new, unknown brand went viral last May, especially among the Filipino Community. Excited from seeing photos and swatches of the Carizma Tinted Matte Lip Balm, I went ahead and ordered,  to try it out myself and share the experience with you guys.

Will this product be able to change my lip game for the better?
Continue reading to find out!

Shades & Pigmentation

There are three available shades: 1, 2, and 3 (from left to right)




Product Name: Carizma Tinted Matte Lip Balm
Test Period: 14 days
Texture: Creamy
Thickness: Medium
Scent: Bubble gum or candy scent


My first impression of the product when I opened it wasn’t so good because it looked cheap & tacky. But after just one swipe, it was able to change my mind. I was pleasantly surprised by its creamy texture and color pay off.  The saying “don’t judge the book by its cover” in this case was true.

From the very start , I didn’t have high expectations for this product, but Carizma Tinted Matte Lip Balm surpassed my expectations. It even performed better than some of the more established brands in the Philippine make up industry.

The first shade that I tried was No. 3. This shade performed the best in terms of pigmentation and color, it didn’t leave any rough patches, and was the easiest to control. The two other shades were just as good in thickness, but was a little hard to apply since it sometimes applied unevenly.

Overall, this product is more than “Sulit” for the price and the amount of product you get. It may not be an established brand, but in my opinion it did a really great job! If you’re looking for a tinted lip balm that doesn’t break the wallet- this works perfectly fine. Plus they claim its organic and natural!


 Hope you enjoyed this short blog post & review!

Comment down below if you have any experience using this lip balm?

Did you love it like I did?



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