Welcome to my blog. Here I try to express my creativity through photographs and words. I blog about my travels, food, and experiences. Currently, I am living in Munich and learning the language. So I will write more about this beautiful city and my journey into my 20’s.

Who is Eunike?

Hi I’m Eunike! You can pronounce my name as Oi-ni-ke in German or you can call me unique in English.

I grew up in the Philippines, the country with 7,641 islands. Growing up with my family and friends it is easy to call the Philippines home and I still feel nostalgic especially during the winter months. But for the past two years, I have had the opportunity to call Munich my new home.

I breathe design & aesthetics. Ever since I can remember I desire to make things look beautiful and to capture the beauty of sceneries, food, and people.

In short- I love pretty things

This blog contains a part of my heart, so I hope you enjoy scrolling through.